Dual-screen Android tablet coming to CES

To compete in the market that has already been defined by the iPad, Android tablets need something special and unique to differentiate them. How about a tablet with two screens?

That would surely make even the most hardcore Apple fans turn their heads. And that’s exactly what NEC will bring to the table at next month’s CES.

NEC’s tablet will be part of the company’s newly minted LifeTouch brand, and will have two identically sized 7-inch screen. Each will operate independently of the other.

So if you’re browsing the Internet, just waiting for the page to load, and you want to just quickly check your e-mail, no problem. You don’t have to close the browser – just go to the second screen.

Most dual-screen devices we’ve seen have one main screen, and then a tiny secondary screen used mainly for e-mail alerts, notes, etc. Having two screens of the same size is an interesting decision.

The NEC device will have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G connectivity. However, any sort of idea on price, release date, or even in what countries it will be available, are still under wraps.

We’ll know a lot more when CES rolls around, but expect this tablet to be one of the biggest attention grabbers at the show.

(Via Slash GearPC World)