Dropbox redefines mobile cloud computing

Dropbox has redefined mobile cloud computing with the latest iteration of Anywhere which allows users to seamlessly access and update files across a number of popular handheld devices. 

“Dropbox is optimized for the unique capabilities of each device, such as the ability to capture, upload and share photos and video on Android and provide a full screen reading experience on the iPad,” explained CEO Drew Houston.

“Dropbox for Android, [iPhone] and the iPad are available immediately, with the Blackberry application expected to ship this summer.”

According to Houston, the industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift from a PC and desktop centric model to one where the daily computing experience spans multiple devices. 

“More people than ever face the challenge of making their documents, photos and other files available and in sync across the ever-increasing group of devices they use everyday. This challenge has increased as these devices – and the apps they enable – grow more sophisticated,” said Houston.

“Providing support for all major mobile platforms, Dropbox Anywhere solves this problem by making documents and media ubiquitously available across multiple computers and devices users access [during] the course of a day. And with the Dropbox mobile API, these benefits can be extended to the new generation of mobile apps, making them easier to use.”