Droid X2 coming out May 26

The Droid X2, Verizon’s second 4G-equipped smartphone, is coming out this month.

May 26, to be exact. That’s when the X2 goes on sale in the US and officially adds a tick to Verizon’s meter of 4G devices.

It comes just a few moths after the Verizon-powered HTC Thunderbolt launched here in the states. Since then, the mobile carrier has been noted as the only major provider with only one 4G phone.

The Droid X2 not only adds teeth to the Verizon network but also, since it has Verizon’s very hot “Droid” name attached to it, has the potential to turn the 4G network to millions of customers.

Other devices plan to take advantage of the company’s high-speed mobile access, including portable Wi-Fi hotspots and tablets, like Motorola’s Xoom.

Existing Verizon customers should be on the lookout as direct upgrade orders can be fulfilled as early as the end of this week. The phone will go on general sale on May 26.