Droid X, Droid 2 have best Android battery life

As one of the most feature-rich and largest-screen Android devices on the market, the Droid X actually manages to handle its battery better than any other phone with Google’s mobile operating system.

The Droid 2 also clocked in with a superior battery life over most of its fellow Android handsets.

These are the results of a test from Laptop Magazine, which ran a proprietary app on every Android phone designed to keep the device on and continuously load websites until the battery was completely drained.

Dell’s Streak was ranked as the phone with the second best battery life, although with its humongous screen there is some debate as to whether or not it should actually be considered a “phone” as opposed to some sort of phone-tablet hybrid.

Battery life is one thing that has plagued Android from day one. Reviews for the first phone, the G1, pretty much without exception all noted the device’s terrible battery draining tendencies. Many Android users are rightfully frustrated that their device won’t even last a standard work day on a single charge.

As the platform has evolved, battery consumption has managed to become a bit more manageable. The Droid X as top dog is somewhat surprising as it is one of the most feature-heavy devices ever built for Android. All of the Droid devices by Motorola clocked in with favorable results, although the Droid Incredible, manufactured by HTC, came in near the bottom.

The very bottom of the list was reserved for Samsung’s Galaxy S devices, which are hit pretty hard with bad battery consumption. The test reaffirms Motorola as the undisputed leader in Android. It has clearly mastered the OS infrastructure and has been able to create phones with good ergonomics and marketability.

Full results of the comprehensive test are available on Laptop Magazine’s website.