Droid Bionic is now available

The latest arrival in Verizon’s heralded Droid family is now available to purchase.

It’s got everything a Droid fan could want – the latest version of Google’s Android operating system, compatibility with Verizon’s high-speed 4G network, and a dual-core processor.

The phone has suffered numerous delays, making the launch somewhat less of a fanfare than Verizon might have hoped for, but early reviews are already very positive.

Cnet boasted, “It’s sleek, fast, and powerful, with features that will please both consumers and business users – if you’re willing to pay the high price.”

Engadget conditionally approved, writing, “Performance on the phone seems exceptional so far, but we’ll withhold full judgment until we’ve run our suite of tests.”

The Washington Post even said it could possibly take on the iPhone, remaking that “the Bionic stands out in both look and feel, as well as solidness of construction. It just comes off as a nice, expensive phone.”

The Droid Bionic has a modified version of Android, so the experience is wholly unique compared to other Android phones. And because it runs on a dual-core processor, it’s able to do things faster than any of its competitors.

It’s unfortunate that the Bionic hasn’t gotten a whirlwind of attention, and as such it probably poses no true threat to the iPhone 5, but those who buy it will probably be quite pleased.

It isn’t cheap, though. The phone sells for $299 with a new two-year service contract.