Don’t upgrade iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 software, warn users

If you have an iPhone 3G and feel left out because there’s not a big problem to complain about like iPhone 4 owners, then just upgrade your phone to the iOS 4 software, which apparently can render the device useless.

Apple just announced that it is investigating reports from users who say that after upgrading their iPhone 3G to the new software that comes built-in to the iPhone 4, their device slows down to a crawl and makes it a cumbersome process to do anything with it.

Other complaints claim that the new operating system completely sucks out the battery life and/or makes the phone heat up much more excessively than when it used the old software.

As the dust begins to settle over the whole iPhone 4 “Antennagate” debacle, more users are noticing Apple’s official forums light up with complaints over the way iPhone 3GS devices handle the iOS 4 firmware.

One post reads, “This phone has gone from being a dream to constantly annoying me. Not a way to make friends. I would upgrade to an iPhone4, but I’m feeling pretty angry that Apple has forced my hand by making my 3G unusable,” as quoted by the Wall Street Journal.

Those with an iPhone 3GS, the updated version of the 3G, don’t seem to be reporting any such widespread problems.

For those who are feeling the burn, though, there is no easy fix. Apple does not provide an official way to go back to the iPhone 3G software after upgrading.

So far, the company’s official response is simply that it is looking into the issue. Those folks over at Apple damage control sure have had their work cut out for them over the past several weeks.