Don’t like 3D glasses? Well, get over it!

About 64% of the people in the US wear eyeglasses, over half of all women and approximately 42% of men. 

The number is certainly similar in the industrialized nations, but may drop off in third world countries due to cost and cultural issues. 

Some people even wear glasses with no vision enhancement because they want the nerdy look, or think it makes them look smart.

People wear glasses. Almost every one driving a car wears sunglasses, all pilots and ship captains do.

So, where is this stupid comment “I’m not going to wear glasses to watch [3D] TV” coming from?

Most likely you already are wearing glasses to watch TV.

Yes, people WEAR glasses – get over it.

People wear glasses when they go to a 3D movie, no one seems to complain.

People (who have the gear) wear glasses to play S3D PC games.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to wear glasses to play console S3D games.

But you’re going to deny yourself the pleasure of watching 3DTV because you have to wear glasses?

Does that make sense in any universe?

I thought the Luddites all died off – evidently they managed to reproduce.

(FYI – glasses or spectacles were invented in Italy in 1200s).

*Jon Peddie, Jon Peddie Research.