Do iPhone users have the most sex?

Are snobby iPhone users having more sex than their Android and Blackberry counterparts?

Why, yes, yes they are.

As Christian Rudder of OKCupid so eloquently put it, the tech world finally has “statistical proof” that iPhone users aren’t just getting fu**** by Steve Jobs and Apple.

Unsurprisingly, OKCupid’s conclusions sparked a fierce debate on the site, with one user named “James” insisting that iPhone users actually had less sex than the study claimed. 

“It’s more likely that they actually have less sex but with more people, thus exposing themselves to a risk of catching an STD,” wrote James. 

“[Meanwhile], people who have fewer sexual partners are likely to have a more stable, long lasting relationships (with regular sex) then their iPhone touting counterparts. [So], in essence, having an iPhone increases your change of an STD.”

However, another forum participant known as “Kimberly” concurred with OKCupid’s rather disturbing findings. 

“Apple is known for having a customer base made up largely of artistic types; photographers, videographers, graphic designers and so forth.

“That’s not to say all iPhone users are artistic. [But] if you compare iPhone’s customer base to Android’s, android tends to be favored by asperger types – you know, geeks who don’t shower, can’t look anyone in the eyes, and never kissed anyone of the opposite sex.

“Yes, [of course] I am stereotyping here but Android attracts gearheads more than the iPhone.”

Well, what do you think?