4 Modern Trends That Are Revolutionizing the Home Remodeling Industry (Technology, Style, and More)

Home trends are always changing. Innovative designers and architects are constantly looking for ways to improve modern homes, and for those involved in the industry, it’s important to make sure you pay attention to the latest trends. This is especially true for home remodelers, as many homeowners will enlist in their help to keep their home trendy and modern through the years.

To help you keep track of the latest design and remodeling trends, here 4 trends that are currently revolutionizing the home remodeling industry.


Convenience is an aspect that every industry must adapt to, as there are few markets out there where ease of use and efficiency are not top priorities in one way or another.

The home remodeling industry is no exception. Today, complex house systems are being simplified and integrated, which is allowing the homeowner to control heating, security, lights, and other home systems through a touchscreen. It’s all part of a movement that puts emphasis on control, and if you look at the many homeowners that use integration in their homes, you’ll find that they also are able to control certain aspects of their home through their smartphones.

This is one trend that will keep evolving in the future, and you can expect many homeowners to ask remodelers to help them out with this transition going forward.


Sustainability might be the biggest home trend occurring today, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. So, how exactly are home remodelers and builders incorporating sustainability into their construction practices?

One area that is receiving more and more attention in terms of creating an eco-friendly, sustainable home is the heating, ventilation and cooly system efficiency. This is an extremely cost-efficient element to a home, and the more efficient a building is in these areas, the less heat is needed, therefore your saving energy and money.

Another detail that home remodelers will have to focus on is solar panels. Solar panels on roofs or in the yard are becoming more and more popular, as sustainable homes are quite trendy – and will be for the foreseeable future.

Some other details that you’ll in sustainable homes are recycled steel, bamboo, sheep’s wool, straw bales, precast concrete, and plant-based polyurethane rigid foam.


A top remodeling trend right now is to add some creativity and personalization to a room and, for the most part, ignoring most of the standard design rules. Unique, one of a kind bath tiles, wallpapered risers on stairs, or contrasting wall and ceiling patterns are all ways to add some customization to your home.

This new trend is a cause of people wanting to truly make their home their own, but adding unique and differentiating details to combat the stereotypical ‘standards’ for building and designing.

Lavish Basements

Remember when basements used to be dark and dingy places that were used primarily for storage. Well, those days are long gone! Another top remodeling trend is updating your basement to create a space for entertaining guests, hanging out with families, and just simply another area in your home to unwind. White painted ceilings, wood details, and whitewashed walls can all be seen in basements today.