DivX CEO: We’ve still a lot of streaming to do

The CEO of DivX – Kevin Hell – said that there are still big opportunities for his company despite the move to internet streaming.

The DivX player is in about a quarter of a billion devices today, said Hell.

He said: “From a scale perspective we’re doing pretty well – we need to get into mobile phones and digital TVs.”

He claimed that his company is “well positioned” to work through the entire value chain including the chip companies, the Taiwanese oEMs, in Japan and in Europe. “We have agreements with Paramount and Warner Brothers to deliver that content so what is required for the three screen promise to come to true is a standard where everyone speaks the same language.”

The “three screen promise” is to play videos on mobile phones, on digital TVs and on PCs.

There are billions of files in the DivX format and the other markets Hell is aiming for are mobile phones, digital TVs, and Blu-Ray players. The opportunity for growth is great, he said.

DivX will make moves to increase its internet presence, said Hell. He said: “We had a technology which became the MP3 of video but the market has moved to video streaming. We’ve had a couple of big misses but we’ve had a few big wins.”

DivX has been downloaded half a billion times, said Hell. DivX has an opportunity to go to mobile phones, with 12 times the reach, and an opportunity to enter the digital TV market.