Disney releases first mobile game since Tapulous buyout

Tapulous is known to many mobile game enthusiasts for its Tap Tap Revolution franchise dating back to the days of PDAs (remember when people thought those were cool?) Disney snapped up the company earlier this year in a bid to increase its mobile presence, and now we have the first game since that acquisition went through – Zoo Rescue.

“Use your flying skills to rescue the animals!” That’s your mission as you navigate a tiny helicopter through caves and chasms to pick up zebras and elephants that somehow got stuck there.

Players must use strategy as the helicopter only has a limited amount of fuel, which is depleted now only as they dissent into the bumpy landscape but also as they lift the animals back up to safety. Hitting any of the walls or hazards also lowers your chances of a successful escape.

It’s a pretty basic game concept – one that dates back decades ago – and doesn’t really carry any sort of plastered Disney consumerism all over it. But it’s a start, and certainly a game we’d rather play over Miley Cyrus Challenge.

Zoo Rescue is available now on the iTunes App Store, with Game Center compatibility. It carries a 99-cent price tag.