Dish streams live content to mobile devices

Dish will be serving up live satellite TV on a variety of mobile devices, including Android smartphones, iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches and BlackBerries.

The service – which is slated to be free for subscribers – will kick off in September-October 2010.

As expected, live streaming will require special hardware, such as Sling Media’s SlingBox, which retails for $180-$300.

Alternatively, Dish subscribers can pay $200-$400 to upgrade to Dish’s high-definition digital video recorder with SlingBox features – which would run $10 a month for multiple DVR service.

However, it appears as if some aspects of the upcoming service are limited, to say the least.

For example, according Deborah Yao of the Associated Press, viewers using Dish’s new app are able switch channels remotely, but if someone at home is watching one channel, the person using a mobile device elsewhere has to watch the same thing – unless the DVR has a second tuner.

In addition, SlingBox can access programs recorded on your DVR, but the box itself can’t record.