Digital cameras go wireless with the Eye-Fi Pro

San Francisco (CA) – Eye-Fi has debuted a wireless SDHC memory card for digital cameras that allows users to upload pictures directly to a PC or the Internet. Eye-Fi Pro also offers RAW image support as well as peer-to-peer connectivity for a direct connection between the camera and a computer.

“People are engaged in photography at a deeper level than ever before. They have moved from being casual photographers to passionate enthusiasts, shooting in RAW for more extensive editing, adding geotags for a richer experience or using an online gallery to share their work,” said Eye-Fi CEO Jef Holove. “These people are looking for tools that advance the art of photography and make it more efficient – and the Eye-Fi Pro does both.”

According to Holove, the device is capable of automatically uploading images and videos to more than 25 online sharing sites. In addition, Eye-Fi allows users to select specific files for upload and geotags photos with location specific information.

“Using the standard ‘protect’ or ‘lock’ feature in any camera’s menu, users can select which files to wirelessly upload,” the company explained in a statement. “Any ‘protected’ photo or video will automatically be uploaded, and all photos and videos will remain on the memory card until the user manually deletes them. Selective Transfer is free and available now for all Eye-Fi card users through the Eye-Fi Manager.”