Did Skype just confirm a Verizon iPhone?

A seemingly accidentally leaked document from Skype gave us a lot of interesting information, but none more so than what appears to be a direct confirmation of the iPhone becoming available on Verizon’s network.

An updated help file on Skype.com showed that the voice-over IP (VoIP) provider will be launching a new Skype app for the iPhone. The biggest update mentioned in the document is the addition of video calling. Skype users have for years been able to do video chats with other users over their computer webcams, but if the leaked info comes to fruition, iPhone users will be able to do the same very soon, using the device’s built-in cameras.

You’ll even be able to toggle between your front-facing and rear-facing cameras. So if you’re chatting with your friend on your computer, and you wanna say, “Hey, check out this car I’m thinking of buying,” you’ll be able to instantly show them what you’re looking at.

But what’s most interesting is that in this document, right alongside the text about iPhone video chatting, there was a Verizon logo. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, it’s pretty much universally accepted that Verizon will officially announce its own version of the iPhone next month, most likely at CES.

But because the iPhone is an Apple thing, everything’s trying to kept under tight lips, and an announcement won’t be likely until the device is actually finished or very close to being finished. Nevertheless, a number of leaks and unnamed sources have all but confirmed that it’s on the way.