Dell Streak paired with Bluetooth keyboard

Some pundits have maligned the Dell Streak by dubbing the recently launched device an “oversized” smartphone. But Jenn K. Lee of StreakSmart – who linked a Bluetooth keyboard with the device in just seconds – has proven otherwise.

“I paired my Think Outside Bluetooth keyboard (also known as the iGo Stowaway) with the Streak today, entered the passcode and was amazed to see the two devices instantly connected,” wrote Lee.

“I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I opened up Gmail and started typing on the keyboard to see if anything appeared on screen. And it did with absolutely no lag whatsoever.”

According to Lee, the seamless keyboard pairing illustrates that the Streak “isn’t just an oversized phone,” but rather, an Android tablet/MID with phone capabilities.

“[Although] this is fabulous news, it also makes the absence of a kickstand on the back of the device even more infuriating to me.

“Many Bluetooth keyboards come with little stands that will prop the Streak at a nice angle for typing, though, so I can get over it. Besides, I’d rather have Bluetooth HID support and no kickstand than the opposite of that (hello, HTC EVO 4G),” she added.