Dell says Android will triumph over Apple’s iPad

Industry veteran Michael Dell says he believes that sales of Android-powered tablets will eventually outpace Apple’s iOS iPad.

According to Dell, the Android tablet takeover is likely to be gradual but steady as Google’s mobile operating system continues to march forward triumphantly. 

“[It won’t happen] tomorrow [or] the next day. But again, if you look at 18 months ago, Android phones were like, ‘What is that?'” Dell opined during a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

“And now there are more Android phones than iPhones. I don’t see any reason why the same won’t occur with Android tablets. [Yes], I think you’ll see the same thing [happen], with enormous numbers of Android tablet [devices] with Dell certainly playing a role in that as well.”

Interestingly enough, Dell conceded that he failed to anticipate the “rapid rise of the tablet,” as he didn’t “completely” see the new trend coming. 

“Tablets aren’t really new, in the sense that the tablet PC idea’s been around for a while. Obviously, more recent products have been much more successful.

“[In addition], business users are not going to give up smartphones. Won’t give up PCs. So now you have a PC, you have a smartphone and you have a tablet. Sounds pretty good, [because this means] industry growth,” he added.