Dell and AT&T tout Aero smartphone

Dell and AT&T have teamed up to manufacture and market yet another Android-based smartphone in an already crowded marketplace.

The Aero features a 3.5″ nHD display, along with a 5MP camera that offers automatic integration with Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, YouTube and TwitPic.

The smartphone also offers a “PC like” web browsing experience with Flash Lite support for streaming audio and video content.

Finally, the Aero includes an onboard GPS system and a number of apps – such as Facebook – that are fully integrated with phonebook and calendar syncs. 

The Aero is Dell’s first smartphone to be sold in the US and reportedly boasts a “custom,” specially designed user interface. The device has also been described as a cousin or “sibling” of Dell’s Android-based Mini 3 which is currently sold in Brazil and China.

It should be noted that Michael Morgan of ABI Research previously told TG Daily that the Mini 3/Aero was in danger of being “drowned out” by an overwhelming tsunami of smartphones.

“Many people aren’t sure if Dell can bring a truly differentiating product to market,” said Morgan. “Remember, this device is being released with a wave of other Android phones under the auspices of different operators. The question is: will the Mini 3 be drowned out, or can the Dell brand successfully carry it?”

Morgan also emphasized that it was absolutely “critical” for the Mini 3 to feature an Android “look and feel.”

“The first iteration of the smartphone will run on a China Open Mobile platform that is actually a derivative of Android. So, it is absolutely critical for Dell to execute an Android look and feel, while ensuring that the device remains compatible with Android marketplace apps. If not, the glaring lack of functionality could be a crushing blow for the device,” warned Morgan.

“You think it would be obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times companies have touted their smartphone as the latest and greatest iPhone killer. Clearly, Dell isn’t capable of delivering the same experience as Apple’s iPhone, but it can deliver a reasonably priced platform that works.”