Cypress showcases "TrueTouch" capacitive touchscreen for tablet PCs

Cypress Semiconductor has demonstrated a tablet-sized capacitive touchscreen with unlimited finger tracking capability.

As seen in the video, TrueTouch technology allows a user to simultaneously manipulate multiple images.

“With the current buzz around tablet PC products, this technology is one of the hottest new capabilities,” explained Cypress spokesperson Dhwani Vyas. 

“Our TrueTouch touchscreen solution was the industry’s first to offer multi-touch all-point tracking of unlimited fingers for the mobile phones and our extension of this technology into the emerging market of medium and large screen touchscreens is a natural place for Cypress to provide technology leadership again.”

Vyas added that TrueTouch technology will help manufacturers design full, multi-touch capabilities for 7-17 inch touchscreens. 

“The inclusion of multi-touch support in the Windows 7 operating system has opened up the large laptop, netbook and tablet PC market to touchscreen interfaces.

“Multi-touch capability is a key requirement for enabling designers to develop innovative applications and ways for the user to interact with his or her PC.”