Cursed cell phone number killed everyone who had it

A Bulgarian mobile phone service company has banned a number from its systems after everyone – yes, everyone – to whom it assigned the number ended up dead.

The CEO of Mobitel, Vladimir Grashnov, took the number 0888-888-888 from his company to use for his mobile phone. He died in 2001 as the result of complications from cancer at the age of 48.

Nothing too weird about that. The man had cancer after all. so, Mobitel then just happened to give the number to Konstantin Dimitrov. It turns out he was a mob boss, and ended up shot dead.

So the number was passed on to Konstantin Dishliev. Now things are getting weird – two Konstantins in a row? Well, it just so happens that Dishliev was also involved in illegal activities – specifically, selling drugs. He was also gunned down.

So, they’re not exactly unexpected deaths, but those 3 deaths all happened in a 4-year time span, and not until each individual received the number. As a result, Mobitel has decided to block off the number from all customers, according to the UK newspaper The Telegraph. The paper reports that the company would not comment on the cursed number.