Crayola lets users draw on their iPad

Crayola markers have entered the 21st century.

Sure, maybe this new utensil doesn’t have the charm that an unmellow yellow or razzmatazz marker does, but it also doesn’t post the same risk to staining your fingers.

It is of course the iMarker, a new accessory from the leader in colorful drawing apparatuses designed for the iPad.

When used in combination with the Crayola ColorStudio HD app, it lets users treat their tablet as a piece of digital paper, allowing them to color in black-and-white images or draw their own creations.

With these digital coloring books, there’s another advantage – users can’t draw outside the lines. Now, we may all have our own philosophical questions about a feature like this (after all, focusing on drawing inside the lines is a fundamental part of growing up, isn’t it?) but it does ensure that there aren’t any issues with the sensitivity of the iMarker stylus.

The app is also specifically designed to ensure that it will only respond to iMarker input, meaning if you accidentally tap the screen with your finger, you won’t mess up the picture.

Users can also choose from a variety of background music to accompany their coloring journeys, and once they’re finished drawing, the built-in animations bring the pictures to life.

The new accessory and app bundle was designed in conjunction with a company called Griffin, and is available at Best Buy and Apple Store locations for around $30.