Comic Con launches official iPhone app

Beginning tomorrow, thousands of geeks, nerds, and geeky nerds will descend upon San Diego for the biggest geek-fest known to mankind.

And those who are lucky enough to have an iPhone can be more prepared than ever with the release of the official Comic Con 2011 app.

The app will be updated live throughout the event to keep users as informed as possible with all the many goings-on at the event – which no ordinary human would be able to do on his or her own.

It also has links to the con’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts, and of course a manipulate-able floor map so you never have to feel lost when in the throws of nerdy Nirvana.

Although Comic Con is a public event and, on paper, is just designed for like-minded individuals to meet up and dress like fools, it has become a beacon for all sorts of news announcements.

From video games to TV, anime to manga, and of course good old American comic books, several news stories break at the convention every year.

This time around, Street Fighter X Tekken, the video game, is expected to be a big hit. There’s also a lot of fervor surrounding an impending Mortal Kombat reveal.

But the show itself is also always newsworthy, as the thousands of superheroes, Japanese creatures, and anime icons always make for compelling photo ops and human interest stories.

We salute anyone who’s willing to brave those crowds to touch the epicenter of the world’s geeks.