Cnectd: FB, Twitter, and can kiss its a**

We’re tingling for a new app on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian devices.

We don’t get that excited about mobile apps. There are a lot of them. We have porky fingers and don’t like to draw attention to their unsightly attempts at pummeling a small screen. Very ugly, trust us. And, we are cynical bastards who think app makers are opportunists who are just out to make a quick buck or a get their 15 minutes of fame. Nevertheless, we do find diamonds in the rough sometimes.

Cnectd is something that we I’ve just started to use myself. Sure, it claims to be trending on Twitter, and whether that is organic trending or it has a really, really good social networking marketing person, it doesn’t matter. I got curious and gave it a go. And it is awesome! So far.

First of all, it is obvious that you are not in Kansas anymore. The app originates out of South Africa, and it has an international feel to it. Don’t ask me to explain, I just feel it, okay. Secondly, it sucks you in from the get go. It looks and feels gritty, hip, urban, hot, and all those things that namby pamby, girly site Facebook does not feel. To put it another way, it is just like me.

I have tried it on a Nexus One and an iPhone. The beta on both platforms looks pretty solid. The app is free for a limited period according to the vendor so, you can try it yourself on Blackberry and Symbian phones, too. You have to remember the Blackberry. Really, if you don’t, you ain’t cross platform.

We asked to the developers to tell us more about themselves, and got this back from Lawrence Bernard at MCI Consultants in South Africa:


“Roughly a week ago we released the blackberry client as a public beta for users to test. Our intention was to take on-board all feedback before releaseing a final BlackBerry version. Within the first few days the application starting to generate a high level of interest. Following reviews from some of the major BlackBerry News sites such as CrackBerry and others we starting to create a buzz on witter. We didn’t spend a single dollar on marketing since the release of the blackberry client.


Late last night (South African time) I noticed that Cnectd was quickly becoming a hot topic on twitter. Before long it was a “Trending Topic” within the United States – which is where most of our users are based. Within the next hour we become a “Trending Topic” worldwide. At 2am midnight a small part of the team decided to go into MCI offices to add more servers to support the demand.


There were some extremely tense moments as we were deploying our new servers onto the Cloud. The existing servers were at full capacity and we worked furiously to get the new servers up & running. Not an easy feat when you haven’t slept and are under severe pressure. We added an additional 12 servers to support all our new users we had been generating through Twitter.


Through Twitter and word of mouth the cnectd message went viral and our usage was skyrocketing. We registered over 60,000 new users within 24 hours on the cnectd platforms.”

You can download the beta version by pointing your mobile browser to The browser will automatically detect your phone and give you a download link to the correct version. Below is a link to a gallery of screen shots of the app running on various handsets.


This thing is hot. I could be wrong, but these guys, if they can handle the load, they’re going to kick it! And I was there when it all began. And, if they crash and burn, well, what do I look like? A fortune teller? Go try it for yourselves and let me know what you think of it.

Image Gallery:

Cnectd on multiple platforms