Cloud Services For The Liberals – Better Privacy, Self-Governing “Crowd Cloud”

My name is Juan Lorez, I am 36 years old and I work in the Tech Industry. I don’t want to get too much into my personal life story but I can tell you for sure that I am a liberal and I believe in privacy rights and in the self-governing crowd cloud. The internet is becoming a basic part of everyone’s lives, and the demand for cloud services continues to increase at an exponential rate.

That may seem like a stupidly basic sentence, but think globally. Think of the emerging markets, and the countries which held their people so tightly that they’ve only been online for the last few years (and only in regulated internet cafes).

The handful of “cloud” companies creating an oligopoly are charging cloud services at premium rates. If you’re privileged enough to have access to education to learn the technical know-how you need to use their services, can you afford them? How about the markets with socio economic stagnation? How is the internet ever going to give a voice to the world if half of the population can’t afford to get online?

For those that can afford it – We blindly expose our data to these over-fed cats. Why should we trust them? We have no idea who they hire, and who looks at what. Every transaction, every photo, every word typed. I don’t want them tracking me. I’m not doing anything wrong, but here I am saying “I’m not doing anything wrong” because they can see this.

We’ve got to push for a decentralised cloud. I’ve invested in Bitcoin, Ether, and small amounts in other crypto ICOs. My most recent investment is in Cloud Tokens. These guys are heading towards Phase 2 of a cloud decentralisation plan which could actually work.

Go and see. I’ve checked out the founders (Asaf Zamir – he’s one to watch) and read the white paper which is overly long but at least they’re covering their bases.

Cloud token Initial Coin Offering –

As ICOs go, this one feels pretty risk free. You can actually buy services with it as opposed to sitting and waiting for something to miraculously happen like other ICOs (mentioning no names).

We all know fiat money is on its last legs, it’s not going to see another half century, and before too long everything we buy will be charged in bit increments. Until this happens, we need to pull together and start shaping the internet, and make it globally accessible.