How to Clean Your Windows Mississauga Screens

Many homeowners rarely clean their windows Mississauga screens. The window screens get dirty especially when we open then. Think about when you occasionally open your windows to enjoy the cool breeze. When you touch such screens, you will realize some dirt is left on your finger. If that is the case, then there is no doubt window screen cleaning is the only way out.

However, though this is not such as complicated thing to do for most people, windows Mississauga screen cleaning do require some assessment and a few setups before you embark on it.

1. Level of Dirtiness.

Dirty screens can deteriorate the value of your home. The first thing to do when you want to clean your windows Mississauga is to determine the extent of dirtiness.

You can do that by using a scale of four where four represents the dirtiest screen. Level one include screens with little dirt-this are usually easy to clean by wiping. The second level is screens with a free film of dirt-this needs the use of some implements to remove the film.

Level three is dirty that has build-up thick layer of film-this require scrubbing to remove. Level four is an extreme end and the dirt appears like mud and need more scrubbing and use of drastic measures.

2. Level One Cleaning.

If you notice the screens have some dirt on it, try to shake the window to see if it comes off. If it cannot, use a small brush and brush it away. Repeat this on both sides to get everything done. After that, you can use your hose and give it some time to dry.

3. Level Two Cleaning.

This may not be done by just shaking the window. Here you should use your hose to soak the dust on the screen. Set your hose to low pressure to avoid damaging your screen. Spray the two sides of the screen. If there is some dirt which is firmly attached on the window, use a brush to scrub it off.

Alternatively, you can use a vacuum. However, make sure you use a soft brush. Press the bush on your screen and lightly move it in a circular motion until all the dust vanishes.

4. Level Three Cleaning.

Strongly attached dirty may require more than just a hose. You will need to use grease. But first, clear what you can using a brush. Mix water and ammonia solution and brush the screen with a sponge and this mixture. Do this several times on both screens and use hose water to clean the mess and see if there is any spot left.

5. Level for Cleaning.

If your windows Mississauga has a mud like dirt, don’t think about Mississauga windows replacement yet. Soak this mud in hot water mixed with ammonia. After some time, wash it away using a hose. After that, you may need to use other methods applied to other levels above