5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Cleaning Time

In most families, a mandatory weekend ritual is cleaning. Saturday morning begins with the fact that everyone takes up the brushes, mops, and rags and are taken to eliminate dust and dirt that have accumulated during the week. This is not the most fun activity, and with a large area of the premises, it is also quite tedious and time-consuming. And on long weekends, the problem increases exponentially.

For the weekend, as a rule, everyone already has their own plans, and nobody wants to devote a good half of the day to clean the apartment. Therefore, the mission to restore cleanliness transferred to another day, or transferred into the hands of professionals. But there is also a third way – to inscribe it in the plans, reducing the time of cleaning.


Cleaning experts say that reducing the time required to clean a room begins with the systematization of the process. Cleaning the apartment should be carried out each time in the same order in which it was done before. Start and finish cleaning should always be in the same place.


Dusting on the coffee table, and after it on the blinds will be just a waste of time. The dust particles from the blinds will somehow fall on the table that has just been polished, and it will have to be cleaned again. In order not to wipe objects several times, you should start from the top, moving gradually down. Cleaning from left to right or right to left ensures that you don’t miss anything and will save time because you will not randomly move around the room in search of dusty things.

Window cleaning

Window cleaning is a long and laborious process, especially when a kit consisting of a cleaning agent and paper towels is used for washing. If you are not willing to spend a lot of your precious time washing windows, it is better to use a special mop for glasses. As a cleaner, you can use dishwashing detergent. This drop must be diluted with 3.8 liters of water, moisten the cloth with it and wipe the window, and after that walk through the glass with a special mop. A microfiber cloth can be an alternative to a mop for glasses. If you are still unaware about the process, it’s good to hire house cleaning online and they can do what you want.

Inventory ready

Rags, brushes, cleaning products and other equipment that you use during cleaning should be within reach. If they are all at hand, you will not go back and forth in search of the necessary item. Cleaning professionals use a special apron for this purpose with many pockets in which all small inventory and cleaners are poured into small bottles. Another option is to fold it into a bucket and carry it with you around the apartment with a mop and brush.

Scheduled cleaning

The best way to keep the apartment clean is to conduct routine cleaning of individual places. For example, instead of once every few months spending all day on the bathroom, you should regularly clean the shower watering can and the seams of the tile. When the patina is completely fresh, it does not need to be soaked and scraped. It is enough to apply a cleaning agent, leave it for a few minutes, and then wash it off.