Cisco turns on FlipShare TV

Cisco has introduced a device that allows users to wirelessly share photos and videos across multiple television sets.

According to company spokesperson Jonathan Kaplan, FlipShare TV provides a simple way for users to display videos in “full glory” or easily share them with others. ??

“With FlipShare, a user can watch video(s) shared by other Flip Video users on their own TV. FlipShare TV automatically accesses video shared through Flip Channels, presenting them for users to watch directly through the simple FlipShare TV interface,” said Kaplan.

“So now, grandparents can simply turn on the TV and watch the latest Flip video of their grandchildren, or siblings living far away can share video to each other’s TVs with ease. [We are] making it even easier for Flip users to enjoy and share video with friends and family anywhere.”

FlipShare TV offers cross-platform support and is compatible with both PCs and Macs. ??The device can be quickly connected to television sets with an included HDMI or composite cable, while the USB key and console are preconfigured to function wirelessly.
The $150 FlipShare TV includes a remote and is available from a number of retailers, including Amazon, BestBuy and Target.

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