Cisco to move into flip video camera market

San Francisco (CA) – The TechCrunch website, citing sources with no name, has stated that Cisco plans to purchase Pure Digital Technologies, a San Francisco based company, for over $500 million, and TechCrunch has even said it’s already a “done deal.” At this point though, Cisco Systems is keeping to itself on the details.

Cisco Systems would neither confirm nor deny speculation that it’s planning to acquire Pure Digital Technologies, maker of the widely popular Flip line of handheld digital camcorders.

Flip cameras are tiny, user friendly handheld video cameras designed for users who have a desire to quickly and efficiently upload their footage to Internet video hosting sites. The flip camera will cost you anywhere from $130 to $230 depending on storage capacity and features. Last year Pure Digital sold 1.5 million cameras, and held a 24 percent share of the camcorder market.

The acquisition would actually make sense for Cisco, which has a networking empire from the San Jose, California area, as the company is continuing to point itself in the direction of both video and Web 2.0 while still digging at the consumer market via its Linksys product lines.