China hearts mobile Internet access

Tech-savy Chinese consumers have already surpassed their American counterparts in mobile Internet use, with 38% of Chinese wireless subscribers surfing the Web compared to just 27% of Americans. 

“On the streets of Guangzhou, Harbin and Shanghai, the mobile phone has become ubiquitous. Once the domain of the elite, it now seems that just about everybody has one,” explained Nielsen VP Shan Phillips.

“Widespread ownership of mobiles is only a fairly recent development in China, but consumers there have fully embraced the technology and in some ways are using it more robustly than their American and European counterparts.”

Phillips noted that for many in China, the mobile Web is the “only one” required.

“When [people] think of the Web, they don’t [imagine] tethering themselves to a desktop PC and the accessories of mice, keyboards, mouse pads, printers and monitors.

“Not only do many homes in China not have (or need) landlines for voice communications, but also they don’t require hardwired Internet access for their fix of the Web. With mobile phones, everything they need is in the palm of their hand.”

He added that the majority of consumers (54%) used their devices for e-mail, gaming and music, while 36% used made do with just text/SMS and calls.  

“China’s growth over the last decade has been extraordinary and shows few signs of abating any time soon.  

As such, it’s only natural that Chinese consumers would wholeheartedly adopt technology and products that enable them to be productive – and stay connected – on the move.”