Cerulean preps Trillian for Android

Cerulean Studios is currently prepping an Android-specific version of its popular Trillian chat app.

“Bcause we can’t handle any more blog comments or emails about it, we’re tipping our hand – Trillian for Android is on the way!” Cerulean confirmed in an official blog post.

“Check out the awesome screenshots…and be sure to tell all your friends so they stop emailing us.”

But Trillian for Android doesn’t just boast a really, really tricked out user interface (UI).

No, this Android-specific app is also expected to offer a host of other goodies, such as:

  • Simultaneously chat with contacts on Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP and MySpaceIM.
  • Synchronize contacts, avatars, status and accounts with Trillian-enabled desktop or mobile apps.
  • Android notification system integration.
  • Contact list sorting, grouping, metacontacts support, privacy settings and various ways to organize.
  • Set status, avatar and display name quickly in one simple screen.
  • Tabbed chat windows with bubble view, photo transfer, buzz and emoticon support.
  • Support for Android phones as far back as version 1.6 – works with an old T-Mobile G1, or the newest HTC Evo 4G and Motorola Droid.