Casio debuts first truly integrated GPS camera

Casio has introduced what it is calling the “world’s first Hybrid GPS enabled digital camera,” which packs with it a 15x zoom and a $349 price tag.

There are other digital cameras that can geo-tag pictures and pinpoint on a map where they were taken. However, the EX-H20G goes beyond that by actually turning the camera into a fully functional GPS device.

Users can use the built-in 3-inch screen to display their current location, compass information, and see historical data about where previous pictures were taken.

Every photo is stored with precise GPS information, including the direction the camera was pointing when the shot was taken. The device includes an accelerometer that knows when it’s being tilted or moved in a specific direction.

In addition, the camera will notify users when they are near an important tourist spot. Casio loaded information about 10,000 important locations on the camera, and will provide users with exact location details if they approach one of these areas.

All that functionality takes away no power from the actual digital camera, though. It still has a 14.1-inch megapixel sensor, the ability to record 720p HD video, and 10x optical zoom that can be pushed up to 15x with special software.

The EX-H20G will be available this November for a retail price of $349.