Car texting video too shocking for YouTube

Cwmbrân, Wales – Welsh police have produced a video highlighting the dangers of texting while driving.

Called COW – The film that will stop you texting and driving, it’s all about Cassie COWan – a ‘nice girl from a nice Gwent valleys family’ – who kills four people on the road because she used her mobile and lost her concentration for a few seconds.

Texting while driving is illegal in the UK, but many still choose to ignore the law. The video is available here.

Gwent police worked with filmmaker Peter Watkins-Hughes on the production, which stars local drama students Jenny Davies as Cassie, and Amy Ingram and Laura Quantick as her friends, Emm and Jules. It is hoped the film will become part of the core schools program across Wales and ultimately the UK.

The police and other emergency services facilitated the film’s crash scenes and over 300 teenagers from all over Wales were auditioned to take part in the film, nine police vehicles were involved and both the police and air ambulance helicopters featured. State of the art digital special effects were utilized to show the impact of what would happen inside the car during the crash.

Chief Inspector John Pavett from Gwent Police Roads Policing Unit hopes the serious message in this film will hit home to viewers:

“Making and receiving calls and texting whilst driving is still happening on roads not just in Gwent but all over the country.  Seeing a scenario, like the one Cassie goes through, played out right before your eyes makes you realise how extremely dangerous it can be and what devastating consequences it can have.

“I hope that after watching this film motorists will think twice before picking up their mobile phone when behind the wheel and realise that a quick reply to a text message or answering a phone call is never worth putting theirs and other people’s lives at risk.” 

Unfortunately, some imbecile at YouTube, where the video is posted, has decreed that “This video may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube’s user community. To view this video or group, please verify that you are 18 or older by signing in or signing up.”

This means that the schoolchildren at whom the video is aimed will be unable to watch it.

YouTube has so far failed to respond to calls from TG Daily.

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