Captivate Hummingbird overclocked to 1.2GHz

XDA Dev overclockers have successfully revved the Samsung Hummingbird’s processor to 1.2GHz, with (theoretical) stable speeds of up to 1.6GHz expected in future kernel iterations.

“We now have a successfully compiled kernel for the Captivate that overclocks the phone to 1.2 GHz,” XDA Dev member BlackJackboy confirmed in a forum post.

”[Yes], many are complaining about garbled audio on custom kernels, even compiling directly from source. [But] either way, that is now fixed.”

According to BlackJackboy, the Hummingbird processor inside all Galaxy S models can theoretically be overclocked to a stable 1.6 GHz – and potentially past. 

“[So], if a genius can do that…Please, devs, post a link compiled kernel so that I can put it in the OP and people can start hacking their phones, I’ll give full credit.”

BlackJackboy also asked other hackers and modders to help compile a boot.img that would allow easy kernel flashing via recovery mode.

“I have no idea how, [but] we would really be grateful, for all of us with either Linux or Mac,” he added.