Canonical preps Ubuntu for tablets

Canonical is reportedly prepping a tablet-specific version of its popular Linux flavor.

“[We have] broader and bigger ambitions than just netbooks. The devices world is a really exciting space right now and we’re really bullish on it,” Canonical executive Chris Kenyon told Network World.

“Hats off to the iPad team for doing what they did.” 

Kenyon explained that the tablet OS will be based on Ubuntu’s upcoming version 10.10, which is currently code-named Maverick Meerkat.

The tablet-oriented OS will likely offer a simplified user interface (UI) that facilitates quick access to most-used apps, along with on-screen keyboard features and multitouch driver compatibility.

Finally, Canonical is also expected to merge its tablet OS with Ubuntu Light – which is currently touted as a quick-boot companion to Windows or a “lightweight” OS for netbooks and PCs.