Can Sony’s NGP compete against Apple’s iPhone?

Sony’s tricked-out NGP undoubtedly represents the future of mobile console gaming. But can it successfully compete against Apple’s iPhone which offers a fully integrated smartphone-entertainment experience?

Well, EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich tells TG Daily the NGP isn’t really focused around “competing directly” with phone based gaming experiences.

Rather, Divnich explains, the higher fidelity of games and the overall experience targets a different market that has previously only been addressed by the PSP. 

“3G capabilities in the NGP appear more for multiplayer and social functions. [As such], it will not provide sufficient bandwidth speeds for large game downloads.

“The device itself does not lead towards being utilized as a dedicated phone, although VOIP services such as Skype, GoogleTalk or a Sony service may certainly be available [at some point].”

Divnich also notes that the availability of “differentiating features” for the NGP, such as the rear touch-pad, front touch-screen and SIXAXIS, will provide devs with additional incentive to code unique and original content – thereby solving a “crucial problem” plaguing the PSP.

“While EEDAR does not believe the touch-screen, rear touch-pad, or SIXAXIS will [truly] revolutionize our favorite genres such as Racing or Shooter, they will provide an allure of novelty, driving consumer interest and demand for the NGP.”

Divnich adds that the NGP is likely to be priced between $299-$499 and will probably launch in Japan 1-3 months ahead of western markets in late 2011.