Can Android beat iOS and dominate the tablet market?

Apple currently remains on track to win 70% of the tablet market this year with its next-gen iPad 2. However, one analyst believes Android-based tablets will triumph over the iPad in the long-term.

Indeed, according to RBC Capital Markets General Manager Mike Abramsky, Apple’s current dominance of the tablet market is likely to be a short-lived phenomenon.

“While Apple’s iPad may continue to set the bar high for experience, we expect Android to dominate, [with] 40% share tablets by 2014,” Abramsky wrote in an industry note obtained by BGR.

”[This projection is due to Android’s] broader support from OEMs and carriers, [as well as] expected budget-priced Android tablets from Asia.”

Abramsky also emphasized that several Android tablet markers would undoubtedly exit the market along the way.

“Too many vendors entering the market sets [it] up for a pending shakeout,” he added.


Well, you aren’t alone. And as IntoMobile’s Blake Stimac notes, Apple clearly isn’t going anywhere.

“Let’s make [this] clear. [Apple] is one of the most innovative companies in the world. [Yes], the iPad 3 is sure to be a hit, along with anything else Apple comes out with, but the selection of Android tablets, varying in price and size will be what makes Google’s OS eclipse iOS.

“[Besides], this is but one firm’s outlook on the tablet market, and although Android’s strategy pretty much guarantees dominance, it may not fall into place exactly this way. Apple’s lead is rather large, and their head start could keep Android at bay for longer than expected. At the end of the day, the tablet market will be owned by Apple and Google.”