California teen racks up $22,000 phone bill

A 13-year-old California teen has managed to rack up a $22,000 phone bill by downloading 1.4 million kilobytes of data.

Unsurprisingly, the rather large Verizon bill shocked Ted Estarija, who was expecting only slightly higher charges after adding the teen to his plan.

“When I saw my Verizon bill, I was like, wow,” Estarija told the Oakland Tribune. “There is no way I could afford this. I will pay my monthly bill. That’s all I can afford right now.”

According to Estarija, Verizon decided to cancel the excess charges after KTVU-TV ran a story about the bill.

?”I think that rattled their cages and got things cleared up. They said they’re going to credit the whole thing. It’s a weight off my shoulders.”

However, Estarija conceded that the unfortunate incident could have been avoided if he had signed his son up for unlimited data access.

“If I would have paid $30 for unlimited access, it never would have happened. It’s a matter of pressing a few buttons to access the Internet.”