Building Successful Apps Based on Mobile UX Trends in 2017

It is an ever changing scenario for the mobile app professionals in the past few years. The mobile app professionals, even two years back, were concentrated on the issues related to gestures, thumb interactions and they were just beginning to understand the concept of minimalist design.

The interest of the mobile app development companies are best understood with the technology trends. These technology related trends are changing every year. So, if by mistake the app professional develops an app whose features cater to the needs of the last year’s market, then the end result will be a mobile app that will not fulfill the needs of the users.

Things move quite quickly in the universe of the app developers. As stated earlier, the challenges and the aspirations of the mobile app developers are constantly in a state of flux. Some of the trends that is floating in the minds of the app developers are Artificial Intelligence, chat-oriented interfaces, virtual and augmented reality and responsive designs.

The need of the hour is to develop cool apps, which will be matching the liking of the targeted audience, only to be made possible by the app developer’s foresight to get prepared for constantly developing challenges.

So, let us start looking at some of the impactful mobile UX trends in 2017:

1. Conversational Interfaces

2017 will be the year, that will revolve around the buzzword of conversational interface in mobile app development. As humans love the chatting experience, we have seen an increasing trend towards chatbots and voice-activated communication platform, along with Artificial Intelligence ruling above all others. We have seen virtual assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo. As technology is emerging as sophisticated and advanced, we also see breathtaking use cases on chatbots.

2. Personalization of UI Design

2017 will cater to the needs of the individual users. No user is the same. There are low chances of colour-blind users, a mere 8 % only. Yet again, there are users who are sensitive to screens. So, the apps must not be the same for each type of user.

So far as mobile UX trends are concerned, there are two concepts, that of responsive design and that of age-responsive design. Responsive design is not a new concept. It is about adapting a layout around multiple devices. On the other hand the age-responsive designs are based on adapting the layout to a person.

All these is made possible by the availability of the metadata, left by the user on the apps, devices used or on the various platforms. It is through this that the app will have the capability to increase font size, eliminate flashing images or sound or decrease the brightness of screens.

3. Analytics on User Experience

A strong effect on user experience is based on the trend of using qualitative analytics tools of the likes of user session recordings and touch heatmaps, for effectively analyzing user experience as well as in-app behaviour. The app developers will make it sure to use these analytics for designing an intuitive interface, along with removal of bugs.

The apps are not only used by the tech savvy audiences, but also by everyone, and they understand the meaning of a quality app in order to retain the users. It is ideal to develop the “best overall”, drilling down the needs of individual user experience.

4. Reaching Out to the Users

The days of clicking on the home page and finding information are over, instead the users resort to social media platforms. You need to quickly adapt to this mobile trends 2017, otherwise there is high probability that the users will just be slipping away from your hand. So, in 2017 we will see the rise of mobile UX trends towards developing apps with integrating experience with the social media.

So, staying focussed on what’s the mobile UX trend and what is that which interests you are the key factors for making a highly successful app.

Author Bio

Alesia Nik is the Content Marketing Manager at Appinventiv, a top mobile app development company in USA that provides mobile solutions to various industries. Passionate by new technologies and apps, she loves finding new ideas to spread valuable content on ASO and App Marketing.