BrightCove offers Flash alternative for Apple fanbois

BrightCove has announced a new HTML5 framework designed to deliver high-quality video on the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch without the use of Flash.

According to BrightCove CEO Jeremy Allaire, the platform provides advanced support for intelligent device detection, playlist rendering and playback of H.264 encoded video content.

“Customers are [currently] using the Brightcove Experience for HTML5 to build iPad-ready websites. Over the course of this year, [we] will expand [our framework] for HTML5 to include full support for customization and branding of the player environment, advertising, analytics, social sharing and other capabilities,” explained Allaire.

“[In addition], Brightcove customers already taking advantage of the [framework] for HTML5 solution to produce iPad-ready websites include The New York Times (a BrightCove investor) and Time Inc.”

Allaire noted that the new HTML5 framework was released just weeks after the company introduced its Mobile Experience for Flash Player 10.1 to support video for Google Android, Symbian S60, Palm webOS, Windows Mobile and Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry.

“Brightcove has [also] previously announced distribution capabilities for Internet-connected TV platforms and devices, including Yahoo! TV Widgets, Boxee, Roku and VUDU,” he added.

As TG Daily previously reported, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has steadfastly refused to support Adobe’s Flash platform on the iPhone and iPad.

Indeed, during a recent  closed door meeting with the Wall Street Journal, Jobs contemptuously dismissed the platform as a “CPU hog” full of “security holes” and “old technology.”

But Jobs didn’t stop there. Internal sources claim that the CEO extraordinaire went as far as to say that Flash was the leading cause of Mac crashes and that HTML5 was the future during an employee meeting.