B&N’s Nook slammed by heavyweight

The Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader has received a less than flattering review from a writer on heavyweight newspaper the New York Times.

David Pogue suggests in a review, here, that the Nook was rushed to market before the product was ready.

He claims that the Nook is a rip of the Amazon Kindle and that the differences Barnes & Noble claim for the $259 device don’t really amount to any great shakes.

For example, he says that while the Nook does have wi-fi and the Kindle doesn’t, you don’t know whether you’re in a hotspot and you can’t login into a screen for the wi-fi, if that’s what the access point demands.

He also claims that Amazon’s e-book store has a far better catalog too. And there’s other problems too with the Nook – you can read about them in the two page review, here.