Bloggers engineer detailed iPhone 5 ‘prototype’

Call it extreme fanboi-ism, or just dedication to duty – German bloggers have gone to the trouble of fabricating casing components from scratch to create their own mockup of the iPhone 5.

The design is based on all the rumors that have been floating about over the last few weeks, including a ‘tear-drop’ shaped back milled from a piece of aluminum.

The size and shape are based on the many supposed iPhone 5 cases that have been floating around. It’s 2.4 inches wide – just a touch larger than the iPhone 4 – but is slightly shorter at 4.3 inches and has a four-inch screen.

“Based on CAD designs, hardware components, several leaked hints, cases and recent, believable mockups we created a three-dimensional computer model. This virtual model was then used to build a very detailed, true prototype that you can hold in your own two hands,” say the rather chuffed team at

“The process to create this prototype is the same that’s used to create the iPad. The back was machined from a sold block of aluminium, which was later treated with glass pearls to get the same slightly rough touch that we already know from the iPad.”

The guys have had to guess at the positioning of the main camera and LED flash, so have left them in the same place as on the iPhone 4. The Home button though – as per recent rumors – has been altered to a capacitative version that responds to a light touch.

One difference between the version and the real thing is that it’s likely to have an even shorter lifecycle. The Apple version is due to launch on October 4.