Blackberry "squeezed" by Palm, iPhone sales

A financial analyst told his clients that sales of Blackberry phones have been squeezed by the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre.

According to ZD Net, Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Walkley reckons that sales of the Blackberry declined in June at AT&T and Sprint.

Sprint did well selling Palm Pre, while the iPhone ruled the roost at AT&T. T-Mobile did OK for sales of the Blackberry, but Verizon sales fell.

The report, which you can find here, said that Pre is squeezing the Blackberry Curve at Spring and Walkley is a little concerned that Research in Motion (RIM) might not hit its figures in July and August.

RIM’s share price (tick: NASDAQ RIMM) was down slightly at $64.82 at press time. Previously the joint CEOs of Research in Motion said they were unworried about competition.

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