Blackberry developers get free Playbooks

In a move to get more people interested in developing for its upcoming tablet device, Research in Motion is offering a free Playbook to anyone who submits an app for the gadget and gets it accepted.

RIM wants to have as many apps as possible when its very first tablet launches next year. As everyone knows, the apps are even more important than the hardware itself.

But it’s hard to get developers interested in a new platform, especially when they don’t own the device themselves. So it’s sort of always a catch-22 situation.

The Blackberry App World portal is now open and accepting Playbook application submissions. If yours is accepted, a Playbook will be on its way to you.

The Playbook is one of RIM’s biggest gambles as the company struggles to remain relevant in a world dominated by iPhones and Android. RIM continues to fall behind the pack by thinking it’s still an amazing company without doing hardly anything to innovate.

It’s the classic story of someone who gets arrogant and starts to let the guard down. Now RIM has to work twice as hard as it would have had to if it tried to keep up with the market in real time.

RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis was at a mobile conference yesterday and was lambasted for his presentation. Things aren’t looking good for the company that once dominated (if not completely owned) the enterprise mobile market.