Bing signs on as new Blackberry search engine

Microsoft’s search platform will now become an integral part of RIM’s Blackberry mobile OS.

In somewhat the same way how Android is powered by Google, Blackberry will soon be powered by Bing. During a presentation from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, it was announced that Bing will be “deeply integrated” into the fledgling smartphone platform.

What exactly this means remains a mystery at this point. Of course Bing will become the default search engine when users query up an online search, but figuring out just how much more the ‘Bing’ name can bring to Blackberry is still an unanswered question.

Ballmer described the integration as a way to create “unique experiences for millions of BlackBerry customers,” as quoted by Bloomberg News.

This comes as the latest attempt for Microsoft to make the Bing name as wide-sweeping and well-known as Google. The company has managed to grow its presence in the search market in a big way.

Additionally, Bing will become the default search service for all Nokia phones as the giant manufacturer begins to shift its focus to Windows Phone 7.

Just like it did for Nokia, this deal with Microsoft could pump new life into the Blackberry brand, which has lost double-digit market share in the past year. Nothing RIM has done has been enough to combat the wild success of Android and the iPhone.

Microsoft did not reveal a timeline for when Blackberry will start offering the new Bing features.