Best Buy opens up Evo 3D pre-orders

If you walk into a Best Buy today, you’ll be able to pre-order Sprint’s HTC Evo 3D.

But you’ll have to be the one to bring up the phone’s name. Apparently the retailer is not allowed to actively promote the sale of the device, but if customers ask, they will be able to ring up a pre-order.

The HTC Evo 3D is expected to be the first glasses-free 3D Android phone. It comes with an autostereoscopic display, as well as a 3D digital camera.

There’s even an HDMI output connection which allows customers to show their 3D photos and videos on the big screen, on a 3D TV even if it requires glasses.

The AT&T LG Thrill 3D is the other major glasses-free 3D phone coming to the Android platform. Neither of these devices has been given an official release date.

However, the Evo 3D is expected to come out in the early summer, while the Thrill will likely follow. The Evo will be faster, though both are planned to have connectivity for their respective carrier’s 4G network.

If all this 3D madness starts to give you a headache, no worries. You can easily remove the 3D effect when you don’t want it. Everything will still be rendered just fine in 2D.

And with this phone, that’s nothing to balk at. With two 1.2 GHz processors running independently of one another, Sprint says this monster is more powerful than any other smartphone that’s been announced to date.