Best Buy employee fired for mocking iPhone fans

A Missouri Best Buy employee has been suspended and is expected to be fired because of a video he posted to Youtube mocking iPhone fans.

The video, which is strewn with profanity, depicts a cartoon bear asking a cartoon pig for an iPhone 4. When the pig says he is all sold out of iPhones, he tries to convince the bear to buy an Evo 4G instead.

There is also another video, with far fewer views, with the tables turned and the cartoon store owner makes fun of a customer for wanting to buy an Evo.

Nowhere in the videos is the employee’s name mentioned, and there is also no reference to Best Buy. But somehow, the videos were traced to Brian Maupin, who works at a Best Buy outside of Kansas City.

According to an Associated Press report, Maupin was suspended from his job on Thursday, soon after the videos went viral and were posted on numerous tech blogs. The AP said that Best Buy would not return its phone calls, although it reported that Maupin is expected to be officially fired on Monday.