Best Buy apparently working on its own iPad killer

For those of you who can’t get enough of those Insignia TVs and Dynex DVD players that are put together with scraps of metal found in local landfills, Best Buy is apparently bringing its own tablet device to the market.

Best Buy CTO Robert Stevens has Tweeted that a branded tablet is currently in the works, though he declined to give any specific details.

Best Buy is the retailer lucky enough to partake in at least some of the sales of Apple’s iPad, but Best Buy wants to cut the middleman and rake in some profits directly.

The retailer’s current brands, like Insignia and Dynex, are known for being much cheaper than their actual well-known brand name counterparts. Although they are cheaply designed and by nature are not as sophisticated as other products, they get the job done.

And that’s likely the approach Best Buy will take with its upcoming tablet. It will almost definitely be significantly cheaper than an iPad – probably something around $200 would be the sweet spot.

Unlike Insignia or Dynex, though, the tablet appears to be coming directly internally from Best Buy. The retailer’s other brands are repackaged goods from third-party manufacturers that strike a deal with Best Buy. The move to develop a new device internally could drive price down even more.

The photo above is just a mock-up of what Best Buy has been throwing around in meeting rooms, but it has no working innards yet. The tablet project is at least several months away from becoming a reality.