AUO unveils flexible e-paper

AU Optronics (AUO) has announced a 20-inch e-paper module – the world’s largest, it says – and has launched its six-inch and nine-inch flexible e-paper displays.

The 20-inch EPD (Electrophoretic Display) module is aimed at public information display applications because of its ability to eliminate backlight. It features power consumption of less than 2W as well as 16 gray level capabilities.

The company has also launched six-inch & nine-inch touch function built-in e-book displays. With in-cell touch functions and embedded single chip solution, the nine-inch e-book display provides a 1024 x 768  screen. AUO is also launching two-piece six-inch e-book with a foldable design to make it a bit more like a real book.

Adopting Sipix’s Microcup technology, the e-paper incorporates a plastic substrate, so that the display can be repeatedly bent, making it more like real paper – indeed, it’s claimed to be unbreakable. There’s no electricity required during reading, as it consumes power only when the image is updated.

“The mass production of the flexible e-paper will drive the next wave of the reading revolution,” said Dr CT Liu, Senior VP & GM of Consumer Product Display Business Group of AUO. “With the fully supported panel capacity in the different generations of fabs, AUO applies its 4G lines to produce e-tags, 5G lines for six-inch to ten-inch e-book panels, and 6G or 7.5G to produce e-signage display panels.”

AUO says its roll-to-roll manufacturing process gives higher yield rates, making it more cost-competitive and allows different paper sizes. AUO expects to distribute samples to customers in 2010 and to start volume production then.

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