AT&T to play nice with Amazon’s Android Appstore

Amazon’s Appstore platform launched this week, giving Android users an easier and more convenient way to search for, pay for, and download apps.

Android users, that is, except for those running on AT&T’s network. Because of a built-in restriction that prevents third-party apps from being downloaded to an AT&T phone, anyone trying to run the Appstore on the network receives an error message.

However, AT&T is now saying that it’s working with Amazon to find a solution. The carrier promises future Android devices will be compatible with the Appstore. That’s not a good statement for those who already have an AT&T Android phone, but at least it shows the network provider is open-minded.

For those with an Atrix 4G, Inspire, Aria, or Captivate, you can go to and put in your e-mail address. You’ll then be notified if and when AT&T/Amazon find a way to get the Appstore running on your phone.

In the mean time, for anyone with an Android phone running on Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile, the Amazon Appstore is live and working, so go check it out.