AT&T Stores already getting iPhone 5 cases?

It looks like the next iteration of the iPhone is really getting close now, as AT&T Stores are reportedly beginning to receive their first iPhone 5 accessory.

Apple fan site Mac Rumors received photos from a main claiming to be an AT&T Store employee. He said the store received shipments of third-party cases that have a label noting “Silicone Sleeve Apple iPhone 5.”

Apple will officially unveil the latest gadget at a media event in its Cupertino corporate campus on October 4.

That announcement will be a landmark event for a number of reasons. Of course, we’ll finally get details on the next iPhone, but what’s also newsworthy is that Steve Jobs is not expected to be there.

Jobs stepped down from his role as CEO earlier this year due to his deteriorating health. His presence at every iPhone and iPad unveiling was always as exciting as the new products themselves.

New CEO Tim Cook will have huge shoes to fill, and it’s unlikely his presentation will have anywhere the amount of grandeur that Jobs was able to embody.

Nevertheless, Apple fans will go crazy for the new iPhone – or potentially, new iPhones, plural. There continues to be speculation that the company will launch two brand new iPhones in the same breath, one being the official iPhone 5 and the other being a modification of the iPhone 4 that adds new features but remains cost-effective.