AT&T slammed for poor iPhone service

It seems that you can use your iPhone for just about anything apart from making a telephone call.

When a CNET hack ran a jokey comment that the US’s iPhone carrier AT&T made connections nearly impossible in San Francisco, she suddenly found herself flooded with comments from all over the US agreeing with her.

Elinor Mills said that the majority of comments reported similar problems of frequent and consistent dropped calls and garbled conversations and even delays with voice messages and voice mail being inaccessible. She had more than 300 comments on the story and 150 e-mails.

The problem is clearly happening all over the US and isn’t just a San Francisco-only problem. There were numerous complaints came from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, and Charlotte, N.C. There were complaints from people in Texas, Arizona, Oregon, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Colorado, Washington, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Utah, Montana, Michigan, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and even Oahu.

As one iPhone user pointed out he can circumnavigate the back streets of New Delhi with iPhone in hand and email specific scriptures from his iBible. But he could not conduct a conversation from his living room while looking out a south-facing window into bright sunshine.

Most complaints are about coverage.  AT&T claims its coverage is good but it plainly isn’t.